On earth as it is in Heaven
Connect with God
Equip the church
Transform a generation

Vision and values

Our vision

  • We see a groundbreaking church where all are welcomed and encouraged to connect with God
  • We see a growing church where no constraints exist other than those imposed by biblical teaching and the Holy Spirit
  • We see an informed church that understands contemporary culture and lives by kingdom values
  • We see a generous church that transforms a new generation locally and further afield

We value…

  • The relevant communication of a timeless message
  • A place where people can come, be at ease and hear from God
  • All ages and backgrounds
  • A context in which everyone who connects is important
  • Connecting with God as the first step in our journey with Him
  • Growth and change as the norm
  • Being Spirit-led in all that we do
  • Clear, applicable and life-transforming Bible teaching
  • An openness to the supernatural invading the natural
  • Understanding and responding to the current worldview
  • Radically changed lifestyles
  • Our role and responsibility in God’s Kingdom
  • Making a real difference inside and outside the church
  • Seeing the missing generations restored
  • Being part of God’s plan for the county, country and overseas


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