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Hi everyone

Today is the first Sunday of Advent - what a wonderful reminder of the 
Advent promise of God. Jesus was and is everything that His Father 
promised. Hold onto Him during this coming week, regardless of the news or 
what is happening in the world. The Prince of Peace is bigger than anything 
and everything.

Be blessed - be a blessing
Jonathan and Paige

Paige is sending out an email series for Advent (1st - 24th December). If 
you would like to receive it please subscribe here
(http://kingdombreakthrough.ck.page/advent2019) .

Here's a short word from Martin Ashmore

Hello Church

I have just listened to Luke 8 and it came to me what I have been sensing 
for a few weeks now – that God has been doing a ‘Great Thing’ at Beacon 
over the past few weeks.

Verse 18 confirms to us that our God is a God of ‘More’ and that He wants 
each one of us to have More ‘Therefore consider carefully how you listen. 
Whoever has will be given more… not ‘may be’ but ‘will be’.

Luke 8:1-18 is very familiar to us, or is it?

The seed is the word of God and God’s Word has life within it – just as a 
seed does. When we read or listen to God’s word it has power to bring life 
– but (and there is always a but) that depends on how we receive His Word.

In addition, Jesus is telling us what is at stake in this passage – ‘even 
what they think they have will be taken from them.’

Last Sunday Jonathan reminded us again to read or listen to our Bibles, 
which is after all, for our own protection as Jesus tells us in John 10:10 
‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…

Even Mahatma Gandhi who was a Hindu knew the Christian Bible had life-
changing and transformative power and he spoke forcefully to Christians 
when he said:

“You Christians have in your keeping a document with enough dynamite in it 
to blow the whole of civilization to bits, to turn society upside down, to 
bring peace to this war-torn world. But you read it as if it were just good 
literature, and nothing else."

Love & Blessings to us all
Martin (Ashmore)

Monday 2
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon

Tuesday 3
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Bacton Connect Group 7.30pm @ Bev’s

Wednesday 4
* Prayer Meeting 10.00am @ Beacon
* Walcott Connect Group 2.30pm @ John & Anthea’s
* Ingham Connect Group 7.30pm @ Michael & Jill’s

Thursday 5
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon

Friday 6
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Alive 7.00pm @ Beacon

Saturday 7 December
* Christmas Meal 12.30pm @ Mundesley

Sunday 8 December
* Celebration 10.30am @ Beacon

* 20th: Carol Singing 6.30pm @ Beacon
* 24th: Christmas Eve Service @ Beacon

* 6th-8th: Prayer & Fasting
* 8th: Worship & Testimony @ Beacon

Beacon Family ministering elsewhere (for your prayer support)

* 1: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham
* 15: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham
* 29: 10.30am - Michael @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

January 2020
* 17-19: Jonathan & Paige @ Aviemore Filling Station, Scotland
* 23: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ North Essex Filling Station
* 26: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 12: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Mid Suffolk Filling Station
* 23: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham
* 28: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Heartbeat Ministries, Poringland

* 1: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Fakenham Baptist Community Church
* 29: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 5: 10:30am - Jonathan @ Meadow Way Chapel, Norwich

* 13-14: Jonathan & Paige @ Ashburnham Filling Station, East Sussex
* 26: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 16: 10.00am - Paige @ Wanstead Baptist Church Women’s Conference, London
* 17: 10.30am & 6.00pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Wanstead Baptist Church, London
* 31: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 7: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Fakenham Baptist Community Church

* 17-26: Jonathan & Paige @ Refuel (Filling Station National Teaching Week), Scotland

* 6: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Fakenham Baptist Community Church

* 6: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Fakenham Baptist Community Church


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