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Beacon News

Hi everyone

Many thanks to Graham for his excellent preach this morning. It’s exciting 
to see what God will open up in the ‘new thing’ He is opening for us. This 
affects us both as individuals and together as a church. The ‘family’ 
metaphor is increasingly resonating with us - it is evidently a ‘now word’ 
for Beacon.

We were so encouraged at the turn out for last Wednesday’s Encounter 
meeting at the end of the three days of prayer and fasting. We similarly 
want to encourage you to make the Family Meal on Wednesday 23 October a 
priority. We meet at 6.30pm and will finish by 8.00pm. We would love to see 
you there.

Have a great week.

Peace, love and blessings
Jonathan & Paige

Norfolk Healing Rooms
invites you to attend a free day’s healing training at
Beacon Church, Bacton, on
Saturday 9th November 2019, 10.30-4.30 (registration 10.15am)
Teas and coffees provided but BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH.

Healing Rooms is an international Association with about 3,000 rooms in 
almost 80 countries. Teams are made up of people from all denominations, 
who minister in wonderful unity to all kinds of illnesses, be they 
physical, mental or spiritual. The ministry is Holy Spirit centred and is 
very loving and compassionate. We recently saw back pain of thirty years 
completely healed overnight and are seeing amazing progress in a case of 
Parkinson’s, after persistent prayer.

Registration on
9th November is at 10.15am, with teas and coffees. We will begin with 
worship at 10.30am. During the morning we will watch video talks on 
“Kingdom Thinking” by Cal Pierce, who restarted Healing Rooms in 1999. 
After lunch (please bring your own lunch) the Healing Rooms model will be 
demonstrated, with the permission of a willing volunteer who has a genuine 
need for healing. There will be an opportunity for a Q&A session at the 
end. You are welcome to bring along anybody you know who has an interest in 
Christian healing.

Monday 14
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Leadership Team 2.00pm @ Edgefield

Tuesday 15
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Bacton Connect Group 7.30pm @ Bev’s

Wednesday 16
* Prayer Meeting 10.00am @ Beacon
* Walcott Connect Group 2.30pm @ John & Anthea’s
* Ingham Connect Group 7.30pm @ Michael & Jill’s

Thursday 17
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Alpha 12.30pm @ Carmel Cafe, Bacton

Friday 18
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Alive 7.00pm @ Beacon

Sunday 20
* Celebration 10.30am @ Beacon

* 23rd (6.30-8.00pm): Family Meal @ Beacon

* 9th (10.15am-4.30pm): Healing Rooms training @ Beacon
* 10th: Remembrance Service @ Beacon

* 24th: Christmas Eve Service @ Beacon

* 6th-8th: Prayer & Fasting
* 8th: Worship & Testimony @ Beacon

Beacon Family ministering elsewhere (for your prayer support)

* 20: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Gorleston Baptist Church
* 25: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Fen Edge Filling Station
* 27: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 24: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Fakenham Baptist Community Church
* 24: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 1: 10.30am - Jonathan @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham
* 15: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham
* 29: 10.30am - Michael @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

January 2020
* 17-19: Jonathan & Paige @ Aviemore Filling Station, Scotland
* 23: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ North Essex Filling Station
* 26: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 12: 7.30pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Mid Suffolk Filling Station
* 23: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 29: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 13-14: Jonathan & Paige @ Ashburnham Filling Station, East Sussex
* 26: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 16: 10.00am - Paige @ Wanstead Baptist Church Women’s Conference, London
* 17: 10.30am & 6.00pm - Jonathan & Paige @ Wanstead Baptist Church, London
* 31: 10.30am - Graham @ Emmanuel Church, Aylsham

* 18-26: Jonathan & Paige @ Refuel (Filling Station National Teaching Week), Scotland