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Beacon News

Hi everyone

Do remember the baptism on Father’s Day, Sunday 16 June, at Beacon. Please speak to me (by email) 
if you are interested in being baptised.

We would love to see Beacon folk at the meetings in Fakenham on Tuesday evenings - please come 
along if you are available.

Thanks again for all your prayer support for Hans & Susie after the safe delivery of Sarayah. 
We so appreciate you all.

Have a great week!

Peace, love and blessings
Jonathan & Paige

Ministering in the Power of the Holy Spirit
3 weeks @ Fakenham Academy, NR21 9QT
Led by Jonathan, Paige and the BSSL2 team

4, 11 June
£10 for the whole series

Keys to revival
Power and authority
Monday 3
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Alpha Course 6.30pm @ Beacon

Tuesday 4
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* BSSL2 Ministry 7.00pm @ Fakenham Academy

Wednesday 5
* Prayer Meeting 10.00am @ Beacon
* Walcott Connect Group 2.30pm @ John & Anthea’s
* Ingham Connect Group 7.30pm @ Michael & Jill’s

Thursday 6 May
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon

Friday 7 May
* Prayer Meeting 7.00am @ Beacon
* Alive Youth Group 7.00pm @ Beacon

Sunday 9 June
* Celebration 10.30am @ Beacon