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Posts from October 2017

BEACON NEWS 29th October

Hi everyone A big thanks to the BSSL team who ministered so well this morning at a great service. Blessings on Mel, Chris Perchard, Gill Parkes, Rachel and Catherine for all that you brought today! As we consider aspects of worship over these next weeks let’s ask the Father for His perspective and insight into […]


Hi everyone Holy, Holy,Holy, Merciful and mighty God in three persons Blessed Trinity. In a thought provoking start to a new series on the nature and activity of the God we have the staggering and eternal privilege of calling Our Father, Graham challenged us to think clearly on the question Who is God. Also to […]

Beacon News 15th October

Hi everyone Big thank you to Graham who spoke to us this morning. What an inspiring talk. It will be available on line for anyone who missed it. Thank you also to Alan and Jilly who led our worship so well in absence of the worship band. Love and blessings Wendy ** Wednesday groups: Sep […]

Beacon News

Hi everyone “What are you camping around?” Sadly, Paige’s talk this morning was not recorded, but she asked this question and it has stuck with me ever since. The Israelites followed God’s leading out of Egypt and towards their promised land. And they camped around the presence of God. In those days there was a […]

Beacon News

Hi everyone What a weekend! A huge thank you to Paige and her amazing Captivated team for yesterday’s Captivated by His Beauty ladies conference. Also to the men who served in so many ways. Lives were touched and the Kingdom strengthened in this area. This week the normal activities of Alpha, BSSL and Connect Groups […]