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Posts from September 2017

Beacon News

Hi everyone Many thanks to everyone who helped with the baptism this morning. These occasions are wonderful reminders of what is really important to the Father. We are currently in the middle of a 24-hour prayer time. In addition, please pray for Beacon School of Supernatural Life (BSSL) as it commences on Tuesday and for […]

Beacon News

Hi everyone As we have focussed on different aspects of prayer over these past 4 weeks, be encouraged that God wants to use you to change your world. The talks will be online if you want to hear any of them again. Your prayers are powerful and effective! Next Sunday 24 September we have a […]

Beacon News

Hi everyone Many thanks to Julie for her clear testimony of God’s goodness in her life – He is certainly on the move changing people from the inside out. If you have ‘good news’ to share please speak to me. It was encouraging hearing people spontaneously pray during the worship today. Obviously you cannot plan […]


Hi everyone The Holy Spirit is drawn to life – here is a picture that I took on the walk I mentioned this morning. The mist hovered over the field full of crops. The Spirit loves to partner with the life within us to bring transformation not only to us but to the world through […]