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Posts from February 2017


Hi everyone What a great time in God’s presence this morning. Here’s a quick reminder of the outline for our new series on 1 Corinthians 12–14. Chapter 12: first movement – theory Chapter 13: second movement – glue Chapter 14: third movement – practice 12:1-11 True spirituality 12:1-3 Spiritual person 12:4-7 Spiritual unity 12:8-11 Spiritual […]

Beacon News

Hi everyone We reflected a little this morning on how worthy Jesus is of all our praise and worship. As we break bread together it’s vital that we reconnect with the heart of the Father and how He views what Jesus accomplished on the cross. As Paige mentioned in her talk: filter everything through the […]


Beacon News

Hi everyone Paige and I are praying for you this week that God will equip you to be His hands and His feet where you live and work. Here are a few pointers from today’s talk – it will be online next week, enabling you to listen if you missed it. Please excuse my voice […]

Beacon News 5th February 2017

Hi everyone Thanks so much to all who prayed for us as we led the Norwich Central Baptist Church weekend. We had a really encouraging time. As before please continue to pray for the Alpha Course on Tuesday evening. There are no Connect Groups for the time being. Remember Philippians 1:6. Be blessed this week! […]