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Posts from April 2015

Beacon News

Beacon News 26 April 2015

Hi everyone A great meeting this morning! God is clearly on the move. Please keep praying for one another. The more we advance the greater the opposition. But equally, we have a God who is MORE THAN ABLE – He is the overcoming God. We are His overcoming people. Here are the declarations we used […]

Beacon News

Beacon News 19 April 2015

Hi everyone What Jesus accomplished at the cross is truly amazing. As we regularly take communion let’s remember all that we have entered into through God’s grace: forgiveness, justification, close relationship, peace with God, healing, and so much more. A number of people received prayer today for supernatural peace in challenging situations, and also for […]

Beacon News

Beacon News 12 April 2015

Hi all Wow. What a morning. We could still be worshipping now (and it’s currently 7.22pm…). The Culture of Honour is a core value of Beacon. As we honour one another we honour God. Here is an excerpt from May’s Bacton Village News that I wrote on the theme of broken people receiving healing: Walking this morning I came […]

Beacon News

Beacon News 5 April 2015

Hi all It’s been an awesome Easter weekend at Beacon. It’s good to know that Jesus’ death is sufficient and that His resurrection allows us to experience both His power now and also anticipate a future hope. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard over the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. Some stayed late […]